K-KAT LLC is a family owned company, specializing in innovative pet products focusing primarily on cats. We approach inventing as problem solving. Our background and living situation make us uniquely qualified for this role

Ted Glover Pres/CEO
Marie Glover VP/COO
Dennis Glover VP/CFO

K-KAT president Ted Glover lives in a two story remodeled farmhouse and cat rescue, Tabby Town USA Inc., with his wife Marie, the Mayor & Executive Director of Tabby Town. Tabby Town is a non profit, no-kill cat shelter that houses 50 to 80 cats at any given time.

Living in a cat rescue with Mayor Marie, the cat expert, has led Ted to design and build innovative pet products - everything from overhead suspended runways to exterior cat habitats and useful items for cat care.

Their first cat care item, It's The Scoop, was designed for cat professionals and folks with multi- cat households.

Son Dennis, who donates half his time to running the African Youth Movement in Sierra Leone, joined K-KAT in 2013 as CFO. He not only brings youth and enthusiasm; but a much needed business acumen to the company.