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This is not just another litter scooper… It’s THE Scoop!

Millions of people love cats and share their homes with them. But ask any cat owner what they dislike most about having a cat in their home, and they’ll most likely tell you: “SCOOPING THE LITTERBOX!

We have the answer: It’s The Scoop is lightweight, zinc-coated metal that is easy to clean and perfect for multi-cat families and professionals!

There’s no need to shake it when scooping because the litter falls right through the round tines, so there’s NO DUST! All you’re lifting is the waste.

It’s The Scoop is the last scoop you will ever need, and it’s guaranteed!


























 The Kickstarter Campaign… We Got Funded!!!!



















Thanks to the support from our wonderful Backers, the Kickstarter Campaign for It’s The Scoop raised over 3 times its goal, to over $37,000 in just 30 days!

All rewards have been shipped out! Read the Latest Project Update for more details.

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Thank You For Your Support!!


Order One Scoop for $19.99

Order a 3-Pack     for $54.97 (Save $5)

Order a 6-Pack    for $104.94 (Save $15)

For wholesale prices, please CONTACT US.